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As Cold As Ice

Having finished a travel assignment in Vermont, CJ decides to take her last morning away from home to enjoy an early morning snowshoe outing. While alone in the beautiful wilderness, she encounters armed snowmobile marauders protecting a mysterious couple in a secluded cabin. Though CJ manages to escape, the authorities are skeptical about her claims when they are unable to find evidence that anyone has been at the cabin.


CJ returns home shaken but excited about an upcoming vacation with her boyfriend. CJ shows Rick a pouch she found while evading her attackers, one she withheld from the police due to their lack of trust. It contains a flash drive that transforms the couple's planned restful vacation in the Rocky Mountains to something else entirely—a race against time involving corporate espionage, kidnapping, and murder.

Whispering Lake

Hoping the secluded Rocky Mountains will help her heal from shooting a stalker, CJ seeks tranquility at Whispering Lake. Instead, a boating accident propels her into the life of Rick, who's engaged in an environmental study for the owner who wants to sell the property. Rick enjoys CJ's company—until her mood swings become a burden—but he softens and wants to help restore her independence when he discovers what she's been through.

Rumored to be "haunted" by dead miners still looking for riches, CJ is shaken one night when she sees dancing lights along the mountainside. The next morning, she investigates before "Reluctant Rick" can accompany her. After a gunshot rings out, he finds her water bottle, whistle, and pepper spray in the mountains—but no CJ. It's the beginning of a dangerous adventure...in which all that glitters definitely isn't gold.