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My husband of twenty-eight years has recently told me he is going to sleep with one eye open after he read my first suspense novel. I have always been into murder mysteries whether reading them, watching them on television, or seeing them in the movies.

Even as a child, I always loved thinking up plots and acting them out. I could find a mystery in almost every situation. So, it was no surprise to my husband that I had a suspense story itching to get out of my head.

I graduated from the University of Colorado with double degrees in Accounting and Finance and started working in the field but quickly learned the mystery and intrigue of balancing and reconciling numbers was not the suspense I was looking for.

So, when my husband was transferred to Iowa from our native Colorado, I went looking for a different career. I fell into health care and did this for many years culminating in becoming a Vice President of Human Resources for a nationally rated top one hundred hospital.

Always wanting a challenge and something different, I decided it was time to leave corporate America. I set out on my own to build a very successful consulting company.

This change in career gave me the freedom to start writing the story that so desperately wanted to get onto paper. I penned my first novel, Whispering Lake, using my beloved home state of Colorado and the Rocky Mountains as the backdrop.

I now focus on writing, while I divide my time between Colorado and Arizona trying to chase the seventy-degree weather.